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HeartSine PAD 500P

HeartSine PAD 500P
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Price: $2,980.00
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Model: 500P
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The Heartsine PAD 500P ensures the proper administration of CPR and improve patient outcomes.

Consists of PAD in carry case and 1 x adult PAD-Pak) with a 3.5 Year battery life and a 7 Year warranty

Unrivalled CPR Quality and Feedback
Giving and electric shock is very easy! The “shock” is just a measure to improve the victim’s chance of surviving. After having given the shock, the so called CPR has to be carried out. No matter if you are a layman or a professional rescuer:

70% of all CPR is carried out inadequately.

We have risen to the challenge of CPR and designed the HST PAD 500P to meet the challenge of CPR and improve patient outcomes! (References available).

Defibrillation is easy; CPR is the hard part…

Now, HeartSine can provide a solution to this problem with the introduction of the HeartSine Samaritan PAD with CPR Advisor model 500P.
CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary (lung) Resuscitation which is a combination of pushing the heart to circulate blood to all the vital organs and breathing into the victim to give them oxygen. There has been a lot of research into the best way to resuscitate a patient and the results of that have been build into the HeartSine PAD 500P guidance.

The HeartSine PAD 500P uses a patented Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) to assess how good the CPR is – are the compressions hard enough? The ICG measures impedance changes in blood volume in the chest cavity which determines effective CPR.

Since the blood volume is related to how fast the compressions are applied as well as how hard, the PAD can guide you on both – for example – ‘push faster, good compressions’ mean the compressions are too slow but the pressure is good. Likewise, ‘push harder’ means more pressure is needed before concerning yourself with the speed. The simple objective is to ensure that the green indicators are on during the CPR with the voice prompting ‘good compressions’. One amber light means that the CPR is not being applied at all, or it is too gentle and too slow. All amber lights showing mean you are not applying enough pressure. All lights on mean you are OK. The aural ‘clicks’ will help you keep time.

However if good CPR is to be achieved at all, it is really important that the electrodes and the hands are placed correctly as the device cannot remove the need for CPR training. The electrodes must be placed no the Apex – underneath their left arm at the bottom of the ribcage, and the sternum – over the heart itself. Hands must be clasped and placed two fingers up from the bottom of the centre of the ribcage. Hands must not touch the electrodes. For this reason, HeartSine strongly advises you to take a short training course in CPR.

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